20 July, 2009

Stupid, stupider and stupidest

With every passing day, my belief in FOSS is just strengthened. Just to give you an example of how bad proprietary licensing can be, consider this. One of my friends asked me for a Linux install. While installing we discussed about virtualisation and he asked if i can demo it to him. I said "Sure buddy!". And made a VMware setup on his PC to demonstrate the concept of virtualisation. Every thing went well...almost. Just before the login screen, Windows XP spewed out a message saying that i need to re-activate my copy of XP. Amused, i asked my friend if his copy of Windows XP was genuine and he replied in affirmative. A bit of googling and to my horror this is what i found - Microsoft believes that running a Virtual m/c counts as two copies of Windows!. Well, what kind of stupid licensing is that. I mean, i didn't perform another installation, so how can this be a second installation. It's the same m/c dude!. To top it up, i also found that going back and booting Windows XP natively again requires an activation. And the icing is that you only have a limited number of activations available(2). Well, so much for what? Prevent piracy? Wake up to reality you guys up there at Redmond. With such a stupid WPA(Windows Product Activation), you'll end up nowhere.
So, i just suggested my friend to shun using Windows and enter the brave new world of FOSS.

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