25 December, 2007

My Blog is Blocked !!

And so might be yours!! From the past few days i'm unable to access any blogs with the yourblogname.blogspot.com URLs. All indications point to just one direction - the mindless censorship brigade is at work again. My ISP Aircell must be surely blocking the blogspot URL. A quick googling on the net shows that something like this happened in 2006 as well. But inexplicably the parent site blogger.com is available. I can view and edit myblogs from there(that's where this post is coming from). There are other simple ways to bypass the block like using proxies like youhide.com.

So what's the point of blocking off blogspot? It might be an attempt by some stupid admin at my ISP to block some nasty blogs gone awry and ending up with blocking the entire URL itself. First thing tomorrow morning is to check if the blogspot URL is accessible from my Office. If not, then this might be one of those ill conceived ideas of our Ministry of Information Tech. That's gonna be really BAD.. I just hope it does not end up that way. So this just might be a worthy cause to investigate and set right. In this age of free flow of information how can such ghastly censorship be imposed on bloggers? Blogs are mass media these days and i consider censoring a blog equivalent to censoring a Newspaper.
So time for action at the break of dawn tomorrow...

Update: 27/12/07 1.18PM
The URL blogspot.com is accessible from my Office. I'm trying to contact the guys from my ISP(Aircell) and ask them a few questions. But ther're still not reachable...